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Choosing the best skylight for your extension

Choosing the best skylight for your extension

Choosing the best skylight for your extension

Offering complete creative control (and lower costs) thousands of people each year choose to manage their own renovations. From selecting a builder to choosing the finer details, embarking on a self-managed home project is the star of an exciting adventure. But with so many product options out there, how can you avoid feeling overwhelmed? That’s where we come in.  

Years of experience to help you decide

Nothing adds the wow factor to a home project quite like a skylight. We’ve been installing high-quality skylights for over a decade so we’re perfectly placed to help you make the best choice for your home. In this post, we’ll talk you through the process of of choosing your skylight - so you feel super confident when it’s time for the installation. 

Achieve the right aesthetic

From ultra-modern flat skylights to stylish lantern skylights, our experts will work with you to match your skylight to the feel of your property. 

Once you’ve picked your design, we’ll match it to one of our stock sizes or create a custom size (to the millimetre) especially for your home. We can even help align your design to your project -  stock sizes are lower cost and offer a quicker turnaround, while custom sizes can take a little longer to get spot on. 

Consider the purpose of your skylight

Skylights don’t just let in the light - they can help with energy efficiency and ventilation too. We’ll advise you on how to get the most out of your new feature, including guidance on placement and location.  

And if you’re planning on creating a roof terrace or garden, we can fit your skylights with manual or electrical openings - so you have easy access to your rooftop haven. We can even add heavy duty glass to create a ‘walk on roof’ - ideal for your next garden party.  

Installing your skylight

Our previous experience in the industry means we really know our stuff when it comes to installation. Because all the luxury designs we provide are sturdy yet slim, they can be installed by just about anyone. Plus, all of our skylights come with handy manuals upon delivery - so it’s easy to install them yourself, cutting down costs and timescales in the process. Win.  

Go for quality, every time

Shopping around for the right skylight doesn’t have to mean scrimping on the quality. When you come to us, you have peace of mind that all materials we use are guaranteed for 10 years - including the glass. This even covers the powder coated lantern for warping, bowing, changing changing shape and changing colour.

Our guarantee also covers the glazed units for 5 years from breaking down (condensation appearing inside). It also covers glass units that come marked internally as per the GGF's guidelines. So you can kick back and relax knowing you can enjoy your skylight for years to come. 

We’re ready when you are

There’s nothing we love more than helping homeowners achieve the wow factor in their home. To start your skylight journey, get your questions answered on our FAQ page or give us a call today.