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How Express Skylights Works


Our skylights are either our popular 'stock size' or custom made. Stock size lanterns and flat skylights will arrive in 2-3 weeks time and custom size skylights will arrive in around 3-4 weeks.

We only supply lantern skylights in Aluminium. Many competitors provide the inferior and cheaper uPVC capped system, which is not as sturdy and is not as hard wearing. The powder coated lantern finish on our skylights is guaranteed for 10 years, wheres uPVC capped skylights can fade in colour.

Our lantern skylights are so simple and easy to install. Any fairly practical homeowner will be able to do it and certainly any builder will be able to construct the roof with no problem at all. To put together an average size lantern will take around 4 hours from start to finish.

We provide installation manuals and there is even an installation video on our Express Skylights YouTube page, this video can also be found in the Videos section of this Help page.

If you don't want to install it yourself and don't have a builder to do it for you, we would recommend to find a local glazier who would be able to install it for you once it has been delivered from us.

All materials used in the product including the glass, are guaranteed for 5 years. This covers the powder coated lantern for warping, bowing, changing changing shape and changing colour.

Our guarantee also covers the glazed units for 5 years from breaking down (condensation appearing inside). It also covers glass units that come marked internally, only if the marks can be seen from 2 metres away in accordance with the GGF's guidelines.

As Express Skylights does not install, problems or leaks resulting from the installation are obviously not guaranteed by Express Skylights.

They are normally delivered within a day or two of each other. As the roof frame and the glass come from different places in the UK, they will arrive on different transport and can be delivered two days apart. I.e. frame may be delivered on the Monday and the glass arrive on the Wednesday. Please note that glass unit are delivered without packaging and we always need someone on site who is able to help unload with the driver.

Yes, you can order your skylight unglazed, and we will provide you with the glass sizes. However, over 95% of our skylights are ordered glazed, as our glass costs are so low. If you do want to order the roof unglazed, we'll need to give you a price manually, as our online pricing generator is not built for unglazed prices.

Slimline skylight

Minimum size - 500mm x 500mm

Maximum size - There is not really a maximum size. Our online pricing generator can price up to certain size but for any particularly large roofs, please email them into us at and we will get a custom one off quote arranged for you.

Flat skylight

Minimum size - 600mm x 6l00mm

Maximum size - 3000mm x 1500mm

Yes, you can. There are over 200 RAL colours to choose from.

However, the only ones our online pricing generator can price are our three standard colours. White (RAL9010), Grey (RAL7016) and Black (RAL9005). Any colour other than these are slightly more expensive than our standard three colours. If you would like your skylight in another colour, please email us at and we will get a custom quote sent back to you.

The full brochure on our slimline and flat skylights can be found below.

Slimline skylight overall u-value - Double glazed - 1.2 Triple glazed - 0.7

Flat skylight overall u-value - Double glazed - 1.3

Slimline skylight brochure -

Flat skylight brochure -

Yes you can on slimline skylights, not on our flat skylights though. On our slimline skylight, you can also upgrade to double glazed Celsius Elite Solar glass too.

Our online pricing generator can price for the Celsius Elite upgrade, however if you would like a quote for a triple glazed skylight, please email us at so we can get this quoted for you.

Slimline skylights

The skylight frame comes well-wrapped in kit form in boxes.

The glass is delivered separately loose. If there particularly large units, up to 4 people may be required to unload them.

Flat skylights

The flat skylight frame and glass all comes in one piece. On the larger skylights, the glazed units can be very heavy and may take up to 4 people to unload the skylight frame and glass.

Slimline skylights

Our slimline and pyramid skylights are available in any size down to the millimetre. They are also available in a selection of stock sizes, which are below and be found here -

1000mm x 1500mm, 1000mm x 2000mm, 1500mm x 2000mm, 1500mm x 2500mm, 1500mm x 3000mm, 2000mm x 3000mm, 2000mm x 4000mm

Slimline Pyramid skylights

1000mm x 1000mm, 1500mm x 1500mm, 2000mm x 2000mmm, 2500mm x 2500mm

Flat skylights

Our flat skylights are available in three stock sizes, these are below and can be found here -

1000mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1500mm, 1000mm x 2000mm

The size of the skylight is the same as the external timber kerb size. The 'timber kerb' is the timber upstand that the roof sits on.

A timber kerb should be a minimum of 70mm wide and can be anything up to 200mm. Around 100mm wide is probably normal. The link below demonstrates this best.

Yes you can. You can also have up to 4 in one roof. You can choose between having a manually operated vent (with a chrome pole) or an electrically operated vent, which comes with a wall switch for operation. Up to 4 electric vents can be operated from one wall switch.

For an additional cost, you can also add rain sensor/temperature feature which automatically closes the roof vents when rain is detected and opens them when a high exterior temperature is detected.

As our skylights only come as proper thermally broken lantern, there is next to maintenance required. The powder coated finish is long lasting and durable. This is a huge plus when compared to say, timber skylights.

Just as with cleaning windows, warm soapy water is perfectly adequate for cleaning the glass and frames on our lantern lanterns.

It is possible to upgrade the powder coated finish to 'marine grade' in coastal areas where the skylight will be subjected to a lot of weather and salt. A 'marine grade' powder coated finish means the lantern is powder coated to 60 microns, which is slightly more than the normal powder coated finish. The standard powder coated finish is usually more than adequate however, for properties in any location.