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Spend this Christmas under a roof lantern skylight

Spend this Christmas under a roof lantern skylight

From time with family and friends to a well-deserved rest, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year in so many ways. As we get into the season and you start to dream about dressing your rooms, now is also the perfect time to look at some permanent changes that will give your home that festive magic all year round… 

A roof lantern skylight allows natural light to cascade down and offers you a sky full of stars on those clear winter nights. Here’s why investing in a roof lantern skylight now will bring a bit of extra sparkle to your Christmas. 

Get ready for festive fun

As the weather gets colder, the mornings and nights are also darker – making natural light an important resource we should take advantage of. This is where a beautiful skylight can help. 

Roof lantern skylights let in three times more natural light than standard windows, bringing with it more vitamin D to help your body release those feel-good hormones. More light also equals more energy, which is vital for getting you through those nights filled with festive fun.

When it comes to the big day itself, a new skylight gives you the perfect excuse get the whole family round for dinner. Position your dining room table beneath it and turn off those harsh wall lights. Even on the dullest days, natural light is brighter and kinder to your eyes.

A new roof lantern skylight will give you another reason to get creative with your Christmas dressings. Drape tinsel from corner to corner for a traditional look or use branches instead and hang baubles from them to create a stunning, natural chandelier.


Bespoke options for your home

A roof lantern skylight really gives you the opportunity to change the look and feel of any space. Depending on the style of skylight you choose, you can manage the direction of natural light and highlight specific areas – such as kitchen worktops or that comfy chair that everyone loves.

If you’re wondering whether a roof lantern skylight will be in-keeping with the style of your home, don’t panic. We have three main styles of skylight, but we also have wholly bespoke options available. We’ve been supplying skylights for many years and our expert team can help you create the exact look you’d like to achieve. 

Still not convinced? Picture this Christmas opening presents under the warm glow of the winter sun or tucking in turkey as snow falls overhead.


Stunning all year round

Once the festive cheer is winding down, a roof lantern skylight will give your home the gift of light. From spring through to winter, you can expect the warmth of natural light throughout the year –  even when the weather outside isn’t being so kind. 

When the weather starts to heat up in the summer, roof lantern skylights can also help to keep your home cool using solar control glass. This lets light through but bounces away UV rays that heat the air. Read our recent post if you’d like know more about solar control glass and how it works. 

Roof lantern skylights also can be used to ventilate your home properly, helping to clear out any seasonal germs which have a habit of sticking around. Their height away from the road means that they let in minimal dust and dirt in comparison to traditional windows.


Find out more

We understand that considering a skylight roof lantern skylight is a big decision that needs consideration. That’s why our team are here to help with any questions you have: big or small. We want to make sure you make the choice that’s right for your home – and look up at a skylight that you’ll love for years to come.

Just pop in to see us or give us a call on 01622 380 121.