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Skylights leak or condensation: How to diagnose your glass roof

Skylights leak or condensation: How to diagnose your glass roof

To get the best out of your skylights day after day, it’s important to maintain them. While regular cleaning is often the answer, it’s when water begins to drip from your glass roof that further action may be needed.

Before you call in the builders, you need to know whether its condensation or a leak that’s causing water to drip. Here are a few handy tips to help you diagnose the issue:

Is it condensation?

Condensation is caused when there’s a difference between the temperature of the indoors and the outdoors. Often the culprit is having the heating on during a winter cold snap.

A sign of excessive moisture, condensation is usually first seen on the windows which may appear ‘steamy’ or covered in water droplets. It’s also noticeable on the walls or ceiling. If you think your home may have condensation, look out for blistered paint or mildew to help you spot it.

If you’ve noticed signs of condensation on your glass roof, it’s vital that you tackle the root of the issue rather than replacing it. By improving the ventilation and insulation in your home, you’ll avoid condensation and be able to enjoy your glass roof once more.

Is it a leak?

As with condensation, tackling leaks starts with knowing how they are caused.

Leaks are usually first noticed during extreme weather such as heavy rain. This indicates that deteriorating materials or tiles that were improperly installed are to blame. You’ll also need to check window sills and any material around your glass roof for signs of damage. Any quality roofer should be able to fix this type of leak.

More commonly in winter, melting Ice can also cause leaks. If warm air has escaped into your attic, it’s possible it will have melted snow on your roof which later solidifies - this is known as an ‘ice dam’.

To spot an ice dam, look out for icicles on the edge of your roof which should help you to see where the problem is. Again, ice dams are easily prevented through proper insulation which stops warm air escaping into the attic.

Could frost or condensation build-up be the issue?

If problems aren’t spotted straightaway, they can build up over time - particularly in the attic. Frost or condensation build-up is caused when moist air is unable to escape. This is easily prevented by improving ventilation in your attic.

What to do next

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem with your glass roof, it's time to call in the experts. If you’re a serial self-builder or renovator, it’s important that your form a relationship with quality contractors you trust. Particularly with skylights or glass roofs, it’s important to have the details of a trustworthy roofer who can help you prevent problems before they start.

Correct installation is the best method of prevention

The way you install your skylight is essential to its long term ‘health’. Our skylights are ideal for home projects and self-builders because they’re easy to install and simple to maintain. Sturdy yet slim, our skylights look the part and stand the test of time – so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Talk to our team about our fuss-free approach to skylight installation.