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It's time to see your home in a new light.

It's time to see your home in a new light.

Along with reshaping the way we feel about our living spaces, we crave vitamin D for our health and wellbeing. And the best way to get it is to enjoy direct sunlight on our skin as regularly as we can. Our need for natural light has a simple solution – embracing new, interesting ways to let it stream into our homes. In this post, we’re exploring stunning skylights (or roof lights) and how they can help us bring the outdoors, indoors. 

1. A classic design 

If you’re investing in a skylight for the first time, the Lantern Skylight complements every period of building. Depending on the size of your space, Lantern Skylights help to channel light to reach those darker corners of the room. Sunlight will cascade down on even the dullest of days, making it the perfect alternative to flicking on your electric lights. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or a contemporary finish, Lantern Skylights are a striking feature that will make sure guests feel a true connection to the outdoors while enjoying your home.  


2. Embracing a sleek finish

If you want to create a stylish strip of light or highlight smaller spaces, Flat Skylights are a stylish alternative to expensive electric spotlights. A favourite feature of most buildings you see on Grand Designs, Flat Skylights can be used to light those enclosed spaces that are often overlooked. From staircases and hallways to that box room, a Flat Skylight will let natural light spill down. And if you want to retain a little privacy in a space (think bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms), a Flat Skylight can give you all the light you need without being overlooked – perfect to make sure you’re not sacrificing on sunlight. 


3. Let the stargazing commence 

Skylights aren’t just for daylight. Imagine entertaining with friends, then ending the evening with a coffee and gazing to the heavens as evening falls. Watching the sky come alive with stars is a pleasure we don’t get to see often enough – but with a Pyramid Skylight you can get reacquainted with the joys of stargazing. A Pyramid Skylight is a square solution that keeps light over a specific area – think the kitchen table in the heart of your home or your favourite reading chair. During the day, the pitched roof acts as a natural spotlight, but when evening falls, it’s easy to recline and see space in all its beauty.        


4. Cleaning made easy 

One of the biggest myths around skylights is that they’re tricky to clean. Put simply, this should never hold you back from bringing the beauty of light into your home. We offer self-cleaning glass in all of our skylight solutions. This uses a chemical formula that coats the outer layer of the glass. It reacts with rain water that makes it viscous. Any dirt is then carried away when it rains. 

With self-cleaning glass, you’ll need to clean your skylights far less often than those which don’t have it – simple. 

5. Make natural light work for you 

From a thinner edging to automatic ventilation to different glass tints, with Express Skylights you can design the perfect skylight for your home.

All of our skylights come with double or triple glazing, and there’s the option to add solar glass to your solution, helping with insulation and saving you money.

We’ve installed beautiful and original solutions to houses both big and small. If you want to breathe new life into tired corners of your home, get in touch and our friendly team can help you find your ideal skylight.