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How to maintain your rooflight in three easy steps

How to maintain your rooflight in three easy steps

When a feature elevates the aesthetic of your home to such high standards, it’s only natural that you want to keep it in tip-top condition. While rooflights can be prone to dirt, pollution and rainwater, taking care of yours doesn’t have to be a chore. Here’s how to look after your rooflight to keep it looking as good as new, all year round. 

Check for leaks

Generally speaking, proper insulation is key to avoiding leaks and it’s never too late to improve or add insulation to your home. The first place to start is in the attic, where most of the heat escapes. Insulating the attic will help to nip ice dams and leaks in the bud, improving overall airflow and protecting the windows in your home.

Specifically to skylights, it’s damaged tiles, window sills or improper flashing that are the most common causes of leaks. If everything was installed properly when you got your rooflight, you shouldn’t experience leaks. But if you notice trickling water in heavy weather, it’s time to call in a roofer.


Keep it clean

To keep that glass gleaming you should be cleaning your rooflight every six months. Clean the inside by dusting away cobwebs or dirt then use a squeegee and soapy water to rinse. Avoid fibrous cloths and harsh chemicals to achieve a streak free shine. 

Self-cleaning glass can banish the faff of cleaning the outside of your rooflight. All our skylights can be made with chemically coated glass that allows water to run off more quickly - carrying away dirt to keep your rooflight in tip-top condition.


Watch out for condensation

If you’ve been battling the ‘beast from the east’ or just the humidity of laundry day, contrasting temperatures can cause havoc for rooflights. When the temperature of the outdoors differs from the indoors, it can mean a build-up of condensation is created.

If left untreated, condensation can damage window frames, cause mildew and result in peeling paint. It also means your view will be spoiled by water droplets. To keep condensation at bay, invest in quality extractor fans and keep laundry on the washing line and off the radiators. 


Your rooflight questions, answered

Our team of glazing experts love helping you create your dream home. But the friendly support and advice doesn’t stop when your skylight is delivered. If you don’t know which cleaning product works best or aren’t sure if you’ve spotted condensation, tweet us and we’ll give you our handiest tips.