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How to design a bedroom with a skylight.

How to design a bedroom with a skylight.

Even if your master bedroom is a little on the small side, you don’t need to compromise to really bring that ‘wow factor’. By adding a skylight, you can instantly create a room that feels brighter, airy and more open – perfect for helping you sleep more soundly.

Skylights in a principal bedroom open up a host of opportunities to redesign your space – from watching the night skylight above your head to casting natural light over the areas you need it most.

Creating segments in your room

To really get the most out of the space you have, working with the room and creating ‘modules’ can really make your bedroom work harder for you. 

You’d be surprised at how much wasted space we live with every day. By building a skylight into your bedroom, it adds natural segments in your room where the light falls from above, creating a beautiful contrast between the different areas.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to use natural light from your skylight:

As a reading nook

Picture coming in from a long day, slipping off your shoes and hiding away with a good book under the warm evening sun. With a skylight that sits closer to the edge or corner of your room, you can create a cosy reading nook by adding a daybed beneath it. This also gives you the added benefit of additional space inside or underneath it for those throws and cushions that don’t yet have a home.

As a dressing area

Bedrooms often suffer from being the darkest room in your home. While this is great for getting 40 winks, your bedroom often doubles up as a dressing area at certain times of the day. If you’d like to see yourself in the mirror without flicking the ‘big light’ on every morning, get your skylight installed above your dressing table. From applying makeup to deciding on what  outfit to wear, natural light shows you at your best and gives you an accurate representation of colour and shade.

For your walk-in wardrobe

As with your dressing area, walk-in wardrobes are often bathed in electric light that doesn’t represent the colours of your clothes as accurately as natural light can. A skylight above your walk-in wardrobe means you can properly choose the shade of shirt you need this morning.

Above your bed

The best wake up call you can get is natural sunlight. A skylight above your bed gives you the option to use the sun as your alarm clock – giving you a gentler wake up that works with your body clock. Alternatively, imagine lying in bed and seeing a sky full of stars on a clear night. As with your normal windows, our skylights also allow you to easily add any blinds or fittings so you can fully control the amount of light your room gets.

Get creative

If your bedroom is crying out for a new aesthetic, there’s no better excuse for a redesign than adding a skylight.

The beauty of bringing more natural light to your space is that you can use colour more creatively. Natural light from above helps bring out the richness of blues and greens, and enhances the vibrancy of shades of yellow and orange.

Light from a skylight also creates a contrast between your lighter and shadier areas, meaning that you can play with putting furniture in different areas to see what works – you may want to put a mirror beneath your skylight while making sure your bed is in a more shady space.

One top tip that we often forget when redesigning a space is to consider texture. If your room is flooded with natural light from above, you can play with heavier textures without it making your space feel too overbearing. Why not be brave and try removing your wardrobe doors and adding a luxurious curtain in its place? Perfect for putting your individual stamp on your room.

Improve your sleep

Skylight aren’t just an aesthetic feature. They provide you with a natural light source that will help boost the amount of vitamin D you receive on a day to day basis. This has a number of benefits but the biggest is that it improves our mood. (You can read more about this in our recent post.)

All of our skylights are also available with ventilation. By having a natural airflow high up and further away from any road pollutants, it can reduce the amount of airborne bacteria that leads to coughs and colds. Regular ventilation is also important for asthma and allergy sufferers as it helps to reduce the amount of dust in a space.

It’s all about the details

Our skylights can be designed to your needs.

Whether you choose a flat, pyramid or lantern design, you’ll receive double or triple glazing as standard. You can also add extra sound-proofing to your glass if you live on a busy street.

All of our skylights can come with self-cleaning glass, which makes maintaining them a doddle. And you can huge from a huge variety of colours to match the interior and exterior of your home.

If you’re not sure what you need – our team can help put your mind at ease. Pop into our showroom or get in touch and we can help you find the ideal skylight for your space.